University of RwandaUniversity of Rwanda Career Guidance Center

Who are we?
UR CES is an University of Rwanda Center, dedicated to supporting career development and active, career related learning among students. Our core work involves creating innovative career development programs to meet specific skill, organizational or policy needs. Ensuring sustainability and transferability underpins our program development; as such, once developed and piloted, many of our programs can be tailored to broader or even more specific audiences.

UR Career Guidance Center is established in UR with the sole purpose to help students clearly define their path and / on how to compete for jobs. This center is a point of contacts between employers and UR Students. UR CES prepares students for work, how to make career choices or for undergoing further studies. It provides comprehensive resources , programs and counseling on career development, internships, employment and even information on graduate schools. UR CES facilitates and encourages relevant placements of prospective graduates and other students searching for jobs by arranging and conducting career days with prospective employers and encouraging “walk-ins” in different factories, industries and other workplaces to meeting the career development needs of students and employability of graduates. 

Our Objectives
- Enhancing career literacy of students which is critical to being marketable on graduating.
- Encouraging students to prepare for future employment from the onset of their academic career
- Enhancing student retention by showing them the Personal Development Planning (P.D.P.) and employability aspects underpinning their academic studies
- Producing graduates knowledgeable in labor market demands
- Linking the students with the labor market (employers) by bridging the gap between UR and other institutions both public and private
To Providing students with information on career planning and identifying interne ships and employment opportunities.
- To gather information about the labor market and provide feedback to UR for curriculum development.

Our Services
Advise students on their career development
Internships: industrial attachment
Help fresh graduates to get internship in both public and private
Job advertisement for employers

Our Events
Career fairs , career days
Career forums
Graduate fairs
Employer info sessions

UR CES’s proven ability to meet the rapidly changing needs of industry and the demands of policy ensure that UR CGC is being an innovative and reliable partner and contract manager to many organizations.

Benefits To Students
- UR CGC provides preparation tools: - Explore  Careers
- Resumes
- Cover letter
- Interview Preparations
- Programs and Services

Benefits To Employers
- UR CGS ensures an opportunity for employers to engage with students.
- It provides a face to face opportunity for employers to explain their expectations to students.

Our Motivation
We believe that work experience comes from seven everlasting law of success: Knowledge, Non conditional love, perseverance, action, goal, liberation and energy. Therefore, each activity, that gives respect to these laws, whether paid or voluntary, gained in any context, can play a vital role in supporting an individual's understanding of their own abilities and professional competencies. More traditionally, it allows individuals to gain a sense of an industry sector or of a particular working environment, and it can raise or change aspirations. When followed well, seven everlasting law of success can give organizations and individuals; the opportunity to bring in new and different talent on a temporary basis, fitting them to compete and benefit from useful insights from a fresh perspective wide range of partners.

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